Double SIDED Red polyester tape

Self-adhesive tape consisting of a PET backing and a modified acrylic adhesive with transparent Salmon Pink colour PE liner.

  • High bond tape used in many applications required high tensile strength and long term aging
  • This tape provides a strong rigid bond for the most demanding external applications
  • It is excellent for bonding rigid extrusions and is ideal for applications requiring an almost transparent finish
  • Most suitable for fixing of reflection foil to LCD frame, splicing of thin plastic films, flex to flex joining
  • Excellent handling performance in converting processes mounting of metal or plastic badges and signs

Reliable bond even to LSE substrates

  • Immediate usability right after assembly
  • Suitability for most demanding applications such as heavy stress, high temperature of critical substrates
Main Applications 
  • Mounting of ABS plastic parts in the car industry
  • Self-adhesive mounting of rubber/EPDM profiles
  • Mounting of decorative profiles and mouldings in the furniture industry
  • Mounting of battery packs, lenses and touch-screens in electronic devices
  • Suitable for mobile phone display /camera lens/battery shell fixing, digital camera rubber sheet/camera lens/memory card
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