Tape House is a wholesale trading concern aimed at providing its customers innovative cost effective customized solutions in the field of Adhesive tapes, Packaging materials, Insulation tapes, Speciality tapes etc. Though our experience in trading with a wide range of customers in various fields we aim to augment the efforts and competence of our clients. We follow an integrated and customized approach because we recognize that there is no "one-size-fits-all" solution.

We are a team of technocrats with enough experience in the speciality tapes and packaging business and have been credited for offering innovative and practical solutions to various requirements. Our concern trading on a multi brand product portfolio to suit the demands of a wide range of customers across various requirements takes pride in its customer-centric approach, where every customer is treated on priority irrespective of the value of the business, and it is this approach which has helped our concern in adding on more and more customers in every months.

By providing Custom die cut tapes and Packing materials as per the suitability of the surface and the required temperature, Advance Adhesive Solution has enabled its customers reduce the application time and thus ensuring faster delivering. Our range of products comprises of Cloth Tapes, Paper Masking Tapes, PVC Tapes, Foil Tapes, Foam Tapes, Spacer Tapes, Double Sided Tapes made from tissue paper/ foam/ Cloth & Film etc.

At Advance Adhesive solution, we promise to deliver fast and efficient cost effective solutions which are practical and easy to adopt. Do let us know your requirements and we will be more than happy to help you in choosing the right solution to solve your problems effectively.

Our Product Range is listed as under:

  • Acrylic Foam Tapes
  • Aluminium Foil Tapes
  • BOPP Tapes
  • BOPP Jumbo Rolls
  • BOPP Customized Printed Tapes
  • Cross Filament Tapes
  • Duct & Book Binding Tapes
  • Double Sided Foam Tapes
  • Double Sided Red Polyester
  • Double Sided Tissue Tapes
  • Floor Marking Tapes
  • HDPE Tapes
  • Kraft Paper Tapes-Coated
  • Kraft Paper Tapes -Reinforced
  • Photographic Plate Unexposed
  • PVC Insulation Tapes
  • Sealing Tapes
  • Spacer Tapes
  • Stretch Films

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